Arkansas Insurance Department
AID Consumer Brochures
The Arkansas Insurance Department takes very seriously its mission of “consumer protection.” We believe part of that mission is carried out when consumers are equipped to make informed decisions. The following brochures are designed to provide basic information. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Consumer Services Division at 1-800-852-5494, or email us at
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Cancer A Shopper's Guide to Cancer Insurance (NAIC)
Information on how a cancer policy works, its limitations and requirements.
Arkansas's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA")
Provides a summary of Arkansas's HIPAA and a list of related laws.

Auto Insurance
Automobile Insurance
Lists and explains the types of coverage that are available, explains how to file a claim, and how to shop for automobile insurance.
Shopping Tips
Basic Shopping Tips for Insurance Consumers
Provides general shopping tips to use when purchasing life, health, or property and casualty insurance.
Buying Viatical Settlements
Buying Viatical Settlements
Helps consumers understand the buying of viatical settlements and how the coverage works.
Agent Brochure Choosing An Insurance Agent
Explains the different types of agents and provides some basic tips to use when selecting an agent.
Cobra Brochure
Explains who is and who is not covered under COBRA, the length of coverage, qualifying events, and notice requirements.
Home Insurance Consumers Guide to Home Insurance (NAIC)
Provides homeowners, renters and mobile homeowners with the information they need to purchase the correct coverage for their property.
Eagle Mediation
Eagle Mediation Program
Mediation is an informal and voluntary process designed to help you resolve a dispute with your insurance company. The mediator is someone from the Department specially trained to assist you in coming to an agreement.
Storm Tips
Helpful Tips for Before and After the Storm
Designed to help you understand the storm coverage you need before the storm, and what to do to protect your interests after the storm.
Insurance Tips
Tipo al Comprar Seguro para Clientes en Arkansas
Provides some basic information and definitions of Life Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Automobile Insurance, and Homeowner Insurance.
Inventory Checklist
Inventory Checklist
Lista de Inventario
Homeowners, are you prepared? An inventory checklist designed to assist you in preparing a list of all your household possessions.
Life Insurance Life Insurance Buyer's Guide (NAIC)
Explains the basic types of life insurance, addresses how much insurance you need, provides definitions for policy terms, and how to find a good value in life insurance.
Information and tips tailored to the unique challenges faced by U.S. military personnel and their families when purchasing life insurance.
Life Settlements
Vendiendo su Póliza de Seguro de Vida: Entendiendo Life Settlements
Explains basic life settlements and your options concerning selling your life insurance policy.
Viatical Settlements
Selling Your Life Insurance Policy: Understanding Viatical Settlements
Vendiendo su Póliza de Seguros de Vida: Entendiendo los Viatical Settlements
Explains basic viatical settlements and the options you have concerning the sale of your life insurance policy.
Credit Information
Explains why and how insurers use credit information, how your credit history affects your insurance premiums, and potential ways to improve your credit score.
Understanding Your Insurance Policy
Explains the four basic parts of an insurance contract, the exclusions that take away coverage, and the conditions that must be met in order for coverage to apply when a loss occurs.
When A Disaster Strikes
Designed to answer questions most commonly asked about settling disaster-related homeowners insurance claims
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