Arkansas Insurance Department

Unlike other property and casualty rates, (where rates may be "filed") workers' compensation and employer liability rates must be "approved" prior to use.
  • Lost Cost Multiplier:  To request a list of loss cost multipliers, please contact Carol Stiffler via email at or by telephone at (501) 371-2807.
  • For more information on workers’ compensation and employer liability product and rate requirements please review our product check lists. Also visit our Legal Division for access to the Arkansas Insurance Code and Department Rules, Directives, Bulletins and Orders.
  • Helpful Phone Numbers:
To apply for a Certificate of Non-Coverage contact: 
Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission
1-800-622-4472 or 1-501-682-3930

To apply for workers’ compensation in the assigned risk plan if you have been declined by at least two insurance companies, your agent should contact:
National Council on Compensation Insurance

NCCI-Little Rock, AR-501-753-5180 or 1-800-622-4271
2400 Crestwood, Suite 207. N. Little Rock, AR 72116
Applications may be done online by an agent using 
Employers may also contact us with questions about their policies and rates.
Property and Casualty Data – Insurance data and reports relating to property and casualty lines of insurance.
If you are an employee (other than a State employee) and have any questions regarding a workers’ compensation claim you should contact:
State of Arkansas
Workers' Compensation Commission
324 Spring Street
P.O. Box 950
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950
Telephone 1-501-682-3930 / 1-800-622-4472
Legal Advisor Direct 1-800-250-2511
Arkansas Relay System TDD 1-800-285-1131
If you are a State employee and have any questions regarding a workers’ compensation claim you should contact:
Public Employee Claims
1200 West Third Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1904
Telephone 1-501-371-2700