Dept. of Insurance Requirements and Information:

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AntiFraud Assessment Form:

Insurance companies licensed in the State of Arkansas must submit an antifraud plan pursuant to the antifraud initiative requirements of [A.C.A. §23-66-510 (a)]. Questions concerning the requirements should be directed to the Criminal Investigations Division at 501-371-2790 or e-mail. [Also reference: Mandatory Reporting of suspected insurance fraud, fraud warnings, antifraud initiatives and disqualifications required by Act 217 of 1997 Bulletin No. 7-97 and Antifraud Initiative Requirements Rule 66.}

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Anti-Fraud Requirement:

An assessment to support the Criminal Investigation Division is collected annually. The Insurance Commissioner has established an antifraud assessment schedule pursuant to [A.C.A. §23-100-104]. [See also, Rule No. 5] The assessment is based upon the direct premium and/or annuity consideration written or renewed from or in the State of Arkansas during the previous calendar year. The antifraud assessment form and instructions are available online. [A.C.A. 23-100-101 through 107].