The State of Arkansas has contracted with Helios to provide workers’ compensation pharmacy benefits beginning on November 2, 2015. The program has two components: a 15-day first fill program, and then a subsequent fill program. The cards/forms in this program do not replace the employee’s health insurance card and should only be used for treatment related to the workers’ compensation injury. 

15 Day First Fill Program

When an injured employee reports a workers’ compensation injury for which he or she is going to receive medical treatment, a temporary pharmacy form should be completed and given to the employee to take to the pharmacy. A copy of the completed temporary pharmacy form should be made and sent with the initial claims paperwork to the Public Employee Claims Division. When the employee presents the card to the pharmacy, he or she will be given up to a 15-day supply of medication if it is on the Formulary. The temporary prescription card will work for 10 days from first use.

Subsequent Fill/Permanent Card Program

After filling the prescription using the temporary pharmacy form, the employee’s information will be uploaded to the pharmacy benefits manager and a permanent card will be mailed to the employee for use for his or her workers’ compensation injury.  Employees with open accepted claims as of late October 2015, will be mailed a permanent card for filling prescriptions related to their workers’ compensation injury. 

Pharmacy Network

The pharmacy network is nationwide. Over 700 pharmacies in the State of Arkansas are participating in the network. 


A list of approved medications has been developed by the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy Evidence-Based Medicine Program. Medications that are on the Formulary prescribed by authorized treating physicians will be approved utilizing a streamlined process. Medications that are not on the Formulary, or are not prescribed by authorized treating physicians to treat the injury, will require a pre-authorization.  Below are downloadable links to each Formulary type.

Link to Formulary