CMS has developed a Unique ID (now called 1-800 Medicare ID) system for SHIP counselors that lets them obtain information from 800-MEDICARE as well as some MA, MA-PD, and Part D plans when they're assisting beneficiaries with claims-related issues. Under the 1-800 Medicare ID system, SHIP Directors assign 1-800 Medicare ID numbers to SHIP counselors who have signed a confidentiality agreement and have been trained to appropriately handle private information relating to the beneficiaries they counsel.

1-800 Medicare ID Requirements

  • A SHIIP Counselor/ SHIIP Counselor in training to obtain a Unique ID number.
  • The signed Confidentiality Agreement cannot be faxed. It must have an original signature.
  • It may take 4 to 6 weeks for a Unique ID to become active because the list is only updated monthly.

Procedure for Obtaining a 1-800 Medicare ID

  1. The counselor completes and signs a Confidentiality Agreement for 1-800 Medicare ID, downloadable below, and mails it to the SHIIP Coordinator at the address below.

SHIIP Coordinator
Senior Health Insurance Information Program
1 Commerce Way
Little Rock, AR 72202

  1. After receiving the Confidentiality Agreement, the SHIIP coordinator will assign a 1-800 Medicare ID number for the counselor through the STARS website.
  2. The 1-800 Medicare ID number is e-mailed to the counselor from STARS.
  3. On the last Thursday of each month, STARS uploads the 1-800 Medicare ID list to CMS. Newly-created 1-800 Medicare IDs can’t be used until this monthly upload has added them to the CMS list.
  4. Within approximately two weeks of the upload, CMS updates the 1-800 Medicare ID lists at 1-800-MEDICARE and the Part D plans. CSRs will not recognize newly-created 1-800 Medicare IDs until they receive the monthly update from CMS.