Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer

A reciprocal jurisdiction is a non-U.S. jurisdiction that is subject to the in-force covered agreement with the United States and the European Union pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that addresses the elimination of collateral requirements as a condition for entering into a reinsurance agreement with a ceding insurer domiciled in Arkansas or for allowing the ceding insurer to recognize credit for reinsurance.
In order to obtain certification in Arkansas as a Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurer, a Uniform Application Checklist for Reciprocal Jurisdiction shall be submitted along with any other reasonable requirements deemed necessary for certification by the Commissioner. An application consists of a completed checklist, and all required corresponding exhibits. Applications can be submitted electronically to .

Please see Ark. Code Ann. §§ 23-62-305(f), and Arkansas Insurance Department Rule 65 §9 for the applicable law and regulation on Reciprocal Jurisdiction reinsurers. Pursuant to statute, the Commissioner shall create and publish a list of reciprocal jurisdictions with regard to reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurers.

Approved Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers   


Effective Date  

Lines of Business Reinsured

Aspen Bermuda Limited




Lancashire Insurance Company Limited




Partner Reinsurance Europe SE



Property/Casualty; Life, Annuities and Accident/Health

Underwriters at Lloyd's

United Kingdom  



Forms for Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers

Uniform Checklist for Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers   

  • Applicants shall submit this uniform checklist and include all corresponding documentation/forms detailed in the checklist for both the initial and renewal applications.
  • If the applicant is requesting Arkansas to be the lead state, Part I should be completed. If applicant is recognized as a reciprocal jurisdiction reinsurer in another NAIC accredited jurisdiction, only Part II should be completed.

Form RJ-1

Form RJ-F     Instructions for RJ-F form

Form RJ-S     Instructions for RJ-S form