Q. I am exempt from continuing education - doesn't that make me exempt from long-term care education?

No. Long-term care education is required of all individuals who are writing long-term care insurance. There is no exemption. 

Q. Am I exempt from long-term care education if I am not writing partnership long-term care?

No.  Anyone who is writing long-term care must take the 8 hours of long-term care education. 

Q. How many hours am I required to take to complete my long-term care education?

You must complete 8 hours of long-term care education, then an additional 4 hours of long-term care education every 24 months.

Q. Where do I find the courses for long-term care?

Since the insurance company for which you write or will write long-term care is responsible to ensure their agents meet the long-term care education, you must contact your insurer to find the course which the company has approved and when the course is available. If you write long-term care for different companies, there may be different courses approved by each company. Check with each company for which you write or will write long-term care coverage.

Q. I am a new agent - when am I required to complete long-term care education? 

You are required to complete the long-term care continuing education requirement before you can write long-term care business.

Q. I have been licensed and have been writing long-term care business - when am I required to complete the continuing education for long-term care?

An agent who has previously been licensed and selling long-term care business has until July 1, 2009.

Q. Will I get continuing education credit for taking this long-term care course?

No, not unless the course the insurance company has chosen has been approved by the Department for continuing education..

Q. What information must be covered by the course?

Topics related to long-term care insurance, long-term care services, and the long-term care partnership program. See Rule 13 section 16B(2) for more specific information.

Q. Who is responsible for reporting the compliance of the company's producers for long-term care?  

It is the responsibility of the insurance company to report the compliance of the company's agents to the Commissioner. 

Q. Nonresidents - Will the course I took on long-term care in my home state count for Arkansas?

The satisfaction of these training requirements in any state shall be deemed to satisfy the training requirements in Arkansas. However, the nonresident will be required to understand and comply with Arkansas laws and rules.


For more information regarding long-term care, please consult Rule 13.