In 2018, STARS (SHIP Tracking and Reporting System) replaced the previous data reporting system, SHIPNPR (State Health Insurance Assistance Program National Performance Reporting).

  • National, web-based data system, developed and owned by ACL OHIC
    • Contract with Booz Allen Hamilton
      • Sharing Data
        § MIPPA
      • SMP SIRS
  • Arkansas implementation for STARS was July 1, 2018
  • All counselors are automatically entered into STARS by the State SHIIP office after completion of training.
    • Counselors will be emailed their credentials automatically when their team role has been created
  • STARS Landing Page
      • Contains link to SHIP TA Center STARS training materials (including job aids, printable forms, and previously recorded webinars)
    • Contains link to Booz Allen STARS Help Desk
  • For STARS username, password, and hierarchy support (e.g. your account is locked out):
  • For STARS resources support:
    • Contact the SHIP TA Center, or 800-224-6330.
    • Or contact your local coordinator or the State SHIIP office -1-800-224-6330